Submission for Competition

Here is a short description of how to prepare your folders and images for submission for competition.

We need to start with a main folder. This has to be 'Your Name' it has to be the same name for every competition. The Competition Software 'Dicentra' uses this name to aggregate the scores.

If you are using a USB pen then only have image folders on the pen and nothing else.


With an empty window on the USB Pen right Mouse Click and select New end  then Folder and call the folder by 'Your Name'

If you also entering prints create a second folder called 'Your Name Prints'.

  Type 'your name' in the highlighted area.
  Check that the folder names are correct.

Open the folder and drag your images into the empty folder.

Name the files as the title of the image and precede each title with a number.

  Check that your images are ok by changing the view of the folder to Icons/thumbnails

Make sure that all the pictures are the same size and line up with each other.

  If you have portrait pictures in the folder make sure that they have a black border.
  Check you final folder to make sure that everything is correct.


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